Sharing the peace and Good News of Jesus with His world!

We are an Anglican (An·gli·can) Church that desires to spread the word about Jesus in a way that all generations can hear and respond to. Our mission is “Building GOD’s Kingdom by being a blessing to downtown Lapeer and be known for it.” We want to find ways to make a difference in the lives of people in our community, including sharing GOD’s love. We believe that following the example of and teaching of Jesus is the way to live life in the fullest.

We desire to be committed to the ancient Christian beliefs and practices in a way that communicates with the culture of downtown Lapeer. We hold strong to the Bible while revising our methods to effectively reach people of Lapeer today and into the future.

Why A Church in Downtown Lapeer?

Although there are many churches in Lapeer, there are only two in the downtown area. This part of Lapeer has a large population that has no faith involvement. There is also a business community that is working to make downtown a great place to work and live. A new Anglican church is important to downtown because:

• The church has the ability to reach more people outside a faith community

• It is an alternative to some churches that do not accept the Bible as true

• We offer leadership and administrative help to the downtown area.

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